Let’s take pictures! (And have a blast doing it.)


Our mission is simple – bring people together by taking photos with fun, whimsical backdrops. With our  6 bedroom house with living room, dining room, hallways, and 3 bedrooms complete with 25 different themes, you will leave with a photo album unlike any other!

Our space is open to the public.  Reservations are necessary. You can book your 1-hour spot by clicking on Selfie House Tickets.


We welcome all walks of life – young, old, college kids, creatives, you name it. Take photos with us!

What makes us different is that we are a minimal setting that is private and comfortable. You can take your picture without everyone viewing you. Our themes are handcrafted and create by no company designer, just me. We also offer professional pictures with our great photographer. 


18307 Cornwall Rd Cleveland Ohio 44119