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New Emulsifying Sugar Scrubs


Great skin care is the foundation of a beautiful complexion. It can also be the perfect canvas on which to apply makeup such as foundation, blush, bronzer, eye shadow or lipstick. With the right skin care techniques and products you can allow your skin and makeup to look its best.


Reasons To Become A Makeup Artist and start your own business


The makeup industry is a perfect place to be creative and express yourself by making other people feel pretty. I AM S.A.M. makeup online class, including a makeup EBook is worth buying. Do you think you want to join the makeup industry? Here are good reasons to take our online class and buy an Ebook.


Opportunities are Endless. The great thing about makeup artistry is that you can work for yourself with owning your own business doing makeup. The whole world is open to you to make money. You can work almost anywhere, makeup is needed all the time. If you want to work on movie and production sets, you can. If you want to live in another city and work with brides on their wedding day, you can. The opportunities are endless.

As a makeup artist, you control how much money you can make. The longer you’re working, the better your portfolio will be. This shows the type of work you can do and how experienced you are. If your network and communicate your business with potential clients, you will always have work, which means you can always get paid.

Facial Cream

Each time you book an appointment with  I  AM S.A.M., something changes you on the inside that makes you feel like a different woman  GLOW!


What is the beauty of all women?

A beautiful woman is when you look at her eyes and see the beauty of her soul when you

look at her lips and feel her love when you see her attractiveness because of her great virtues.

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18307 Cornwall Rd, OH 44119, USA. 


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(216) 659-1127

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